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Have you heard what just one paper form costs these days? A little more than $7 on average, according to the latest industry research from Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). How would you like to eliminate paper forms and the printing and processing costs that go along with them?

An e-form (or electronic form) is simply a digital version of the costly, inefficient paper form that you use to collect information to support a business process. The benefits of e-forms are:

         Easier to use

         More secure and accurate

         Far less expensive than paper

Because they are 100 percent digital, e-forms are accessible online from all kinds of devices — and captured data can be used instantly across your organization. You can even sign e-forms in multiple ways.

With e-forms, redundant information can be pre-populated. If you are logged in, it will recognize you and insert your information.

Your organization needs a system that can deploy many types of e-forms (including government-regulated documents such as W-4s and I-9s) and make them available through any browser and operating system, via mobile devices or offline when required.

With paper-driven processes — everything from completing an HR-related I-9 and submitting it through e-Verify to filling in
HIPAA forms in personnel record to making information available to the public in keeping with Section 508 it is difficult to employ version control; establish and follow a defined, repeatable process; and capture all required information.

E-Forms will quickly convert paper forms into electronic ones that retain their original structure and can be accessed and completed online or offline. Forms cannot be submitted until all required information is entered and a secure digital signature is applied.

Most forms require signatures. It’s a key reason people stick with paper — the perception that signatures on paper forms are more legally binding. With our technology, you can capture secure, authentic and legally airtight signatures on our e-forms in several different ways, even if you require paperlike wet signatures.

Once this occurs, forms are sent on (with any needed attachments) for further review if necessary and then securely stored and organized in your content and document management environment. At the same time, the software updates your business systems with collected form data — no paper or manual indexing is needed. Each step of the process is defined, trackable and secure, supporting all of your forms-related compliance needs.

Ensure forms data is complete, accurate and verified the first time, every time. Retain the structure of government-regulated forms such as I-9s and W-4s. Support e-Discovery and other legal and compliance needs by making forms available through your content and document management system

         Enhance control with standardized, repeatable and trackable e-forms processing

         Capture secure, tamper-proof digital signatures

         Eliminate outdated, non-compliant forms — as only the latest versions are published

         Easily change existing forms and create new ones to meet regulations

What are e-Forms ?