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 Improve Efficiency with Electronic Records

Locating a single file in a sea of documents can be a time-consuming and energy wasting endeavor. Implementing a document management system will help solve many of your problems. By simply replacing a paper-based system with an electronic one, you will improve efficiency.

          Eliminate time-wasting manual data entry

          Extract critical data.

          Automatically sort and classify documents to streamline operations.

          Cross-reference information effortlessly between ECM and other line-of-business applications.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance and Control Accountability

          Protect files and records using multiple security features, including
redaction to hide sensitive             information from unauthorized users.

          Track transaction history, system activity and information disclosures through extensive
audit            trails.

          Safeguard records from premature deletion with retention policies.

          Control access, editing, printing and emailing of your sensitive and proprietary files.

          Comply quickly and easily to discovery requests.

Save Money by Reducing Costs and Enhancing Efficiency

          Reduce stress in the office

          Improve customer service

          Optimize internal business processes